For the love of randomness

Okay so this is me under these soft hotel bed pillows of a cheap hotel I stayed earlier this year. I am Charlie but you can call me Charlie. A traditional introduction is soo…traditional, and politically correct, let’s just not. Haha I just stared at my blog while I typed this and I am saying to myself “this looks super cheap” but oh well right? anyways! so I cooked up some random and thought I would share my life at the moment, considering people are gloomy right now, adding things to their life they do not need like a car, though it is not time yet, causing them to yap about car insurance, and stress…… I stayed in this hotel bed for four days (it was supposed to be 3 nights, I accidentally stayed one more night haha they didn’t charge me) I drove in Massachusetts in a little white rental car wondering how it would feel to have my own car, subtraction of car insurance (sigh) I really liked this vacation. Used to live in Worcester Mass but I moved to Atlanta because I wanted a change, also wouldn’t have support since 3/4 of my family left, I just went too.


I came from performing arts, to getting my first job as a wheelchair assistant, going to bartending school, to pushing boxes at UPS at 4am, crying in madd trucks when things didn’t go well, to being a dish washer at a 5 star member club, to being a cook, a banquet server, a mobile associate and then officially giving into being a bartender. Life is hard lol not because of what I went through but man it’s because of what I went through! hahaha. This bed is where my annoyed spirit lays bothering my significant other, on my own bed I bother the same person even more. Whenever I talk about what I go through or have been through, I feel slightly better. Hmmm this was random as heck, but here I am blogging, surprisingly I’m still a bartender, well see ya later! btw I know my socks are hot, don’t hate.

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