Amazon Fresh came around…finally!

Fresh, fresh, EXCITING… by “cool and the gang”

I received an email stating: “Amazon Fresh is now FREE with your Amazon Prime membership” (woow) I finally feel it’s worth keeping year round now, ha!

I guess the $35 or more for free 2-hour is reasonable…..

Honestly, amazon fresh probably got tired of one night stands (free trials) everyone starting a free trial just to buy some lettuce and then cancelling (I’m pretty guilty) LMBO! Maybe they made their goal of money and decided it’s time to stop trolling us. I started soo many free trials just to order food from a website I was already paying for, the irony is realllllll. Amazon prime before fresh being free was like Universal Studios. You paid to get in the amusement park but The World of Hogwarts is an additional purchase, what in the entire heck? ROFL

Let’s be real, that lettuce is too high, but it was fresh when it arrived and yes, I did, I bought toilet paper lol also the paper plates deceived me, they were soo tiny when they arrived, haha.

Overrall it’s pretty convenient if you don’t have a car (which I don’t, I stay taking the Marta lol) Worst case scenerio is that they may raise the price…..boyyyyy I will be done if they do that…..just kidding! See ya later!

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