Island Hopping in east North Carolina

North-Cacky-Lacky 🤪

I haven’t done a post in a while because I lack the sticky glue that holds a person to an interest haha pretty sad! But while I was gone I have done soo much! I have a new Nikon camera so now I can take better pictures. Before I was using a Samsung J8 phone.

I was born in New Bern, North Carolina but I NEVER seen this area of it. I told myself that if I go to NC I have to find new things to do because New Bern alone EVERY SINGLE DAY? heck no! Lol Union Point is my only happiness in that little town or city…lol it’s not exactly an island but it has a waterfront.

You will eventually have enough and start branching out from Union Point or maybe you won’t care but I cared. I stayed earlier in May this year at the Bridgepointe Hotel and I think it was a guy named Scott working at the front desk who told me about these islands and I am like maybe this is all Morhead City haha, that’s all my family ever spoke about man! Apparently something happened with locusts, so for a while we just never came back to the beach until this year.

I am soo thankful for that man Scott, if he hadn’t enlightened me about this stuff then I wouldn’t know about Atlantic beach, Beaufort, Pine Knoll Shores (which was my favorite by the way) and I wouldn’t feel a new feeling about North Carolina, so God Bless that cool dude haha🤣

We came here 4th Of July this year and it was NOT packed. People do not drive this far down, I am guessing. After they see Atlanta beach they end up just going there lol yaay! More space for us! (YES it is free parking too) You can fish as well.

Atlantic beach was too darn crowded! The only plus is that there are no rocks or shells in certain spots of the beach shore. Pine Knoll was peaceful but the shells will tear you up if you do not have water shoes lol the agony. Lifeguards are here, none at Pine….I mean you don’t need them, it is hard to get pass the shells in the shallow area to even drown at Pine ROFL another thing that bothered me is the runway walk just to find a good spot on the beach at Atlantic omg! the spotlight is too much🤣 I have thick thighs so Pine Knoll is it for me, I need privacy, I can’t get this at Atlantic, it is like everyone is watching me there.

After being in my home state for like a month in a half, I was happy to see this sign!

Pretty much since I had family in NC, I didn’t have to worry about paying each night for a hotel. Overall I probably spent $400 only for food and gas for the car to drive to these islands. If I had rented a car like I usually do or if I had paid for a hotel, my bill would easily be over $800+ and the whole goal is to bargain……..right lol? Well see ya!

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