Night Rides, and City Walks in Atlanta

Waste Gas in Style!

Atlanta, Georgia

You can yap at me later about the car lights being on, for now, let us acknowledge the fact that this is one good view ha. My niece always likes night rides through Atlanta, ending it out in Buckhead to see the big houses and back to Stone Mountain to go home but this time I went deeper in the city and we parked and had a little photoshoot….yes it was free parking lol bargain!!!

Mercedes Benz Stadium

I am not the best photographer, but hey, many people aren’t Superlatives anyways, most of us are Comparatives hahaha. Anyways, the MBS is always one of my favorite spots because of the bright white neon light its sign gives off. This street we’re on is always usually empty even in the day time or rush hour, it’s one or two cars driving by making it perfect for urban shoots.

Another cool thing about the area is that their is a train track under us. Just before we left, some guys pulled up in front if us and looked like they were about to suicide lol we eventually noticed they just came to smoke 💀💀🤣

So now we are heading home and I take a photo at the best spot!

Here are more photos of our little ride that night below.

Thanks for reading!!

Drop suggestions on places I should go in atlanta!

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