Who Still Tips Housekeepers?

Did you know coat check receives tips too? I didn’t know this til I worked as one at a birthday party this year!!! Lol

Yup, I went to orlando this year and they said it is “as needed” hilarious because the longer you leave it dirty the more time you have to take cleaning it! Although I do clean my own room before I leave, not to make it easier but simply because I was raised to never have people look at you nasty, to never have people saying bad but only good about you. “Hey she is clean” “She is proactive and respectful” are the only words you want people to truly say even though they will try to say other things😒

So this was the main building….that I thought I booked lol below is where we were thrown haha!!⬇️

So to be honest it was really nice inside. I went along with 4 other people of my family. Ended in an arguement but hey! Life goes on right? rofl

So who still tips the housekeepers? Or did you not know it was a tipped job? Does anyone even care to? Do they even depend on the tip in the first place? I have too many questions! End…

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