Fort Macon for the Day

More like for a couple hours 🙃

Always looking ready is not easy

So yesterday was a challenge because we had a lot of heads as you can see in the above picture lol a crab shack bill would have been over $100 if we would have not made the decision to eat pizza R0FL🤣😂

I didn’t take pictures of the gift shop and that is because the little gremlin I call my nephew LOVES TO TOUCH lol so I spent most of my time saying “no” 🤣😅 when I was a kid, my mom made it clear in glass sections “NO TOUCHING” in this generation “no touching” is translated as “HAVE FUN” haha. I got the memo, I never crossed my mom, I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle glass falling so easy easy I was but not with this child lol he touched everything he could and had no fear of the consequences! I was so happy when we got out of that store lol

Although this is beautiful, it is actually the most dangerous beach out of all I have been to soo far. Swimming wasn’t allowed because of a strong current so we had to stay completely at the shore, other people went far in the water but I didn’t want to take that chance, and have someone end up floating away. Anyways this was pretty much my day yesterday…fin!

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