Night Rides, and City Walks in Atlanta

Waste Gas in Style! Atlanta, Georgia You can yap at me later about the car lights being on, for now, let us acknowledge the fact that this is one good view ha. My niece always likes night rides through Atlanta, ending it out in Buckhead to see the big houses and back to Stone Mountain... Continue Reading →

Fresh, fresh, by "cool and the gang" I received an email stating: "Amazon Fresh is now FREE with your Amazon Prime membership" (woow) I finally feel it's worth keeping year round now, ha! I guess the $35 or more for free 2-hour is reasonable..... Honestly, amazon fresh probably got tired of one night stands... Continue Reading →

For the love of randomness

Okay so this is me under these soft hotel bed pillows of a cheap hotel I stayed earlier this year. I am Charlie but you can call me Charlie. A traditional introduction is soo...traditional, and politically correct, let's just not. Haha I just stared at my blog while I typed this and I am saying... Continue Reading →

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