Who Still Tips Housekeepers?

Did you know coat check receives tips too? I didn't know this til I worked as one at a birthday party this year!!! Lol If you still tip, we are a very few race lol our race is dying and we must save the palace or all will be lost! Lol The face I made... Continue Reading →

Fresh, fresh, EXCITING.....song by "cool and the gang" I received an email stating: "Amazon Fresh is now FREE with your Amazon Prime membership" (woow) I finally feel it's worth keeping year round now, ha! I guess the $35 or more for free 2-hour is reasonable..... Honestly, amazon fresh probably got tired of one night stands... Continue Reading →

For the love of randomness

Okay so this is me under these soft hotel bed pillows of a cheap hotel I stayed earlier this year. I am Charlie but you can call me Charlie. A traditional introduction is soo...traditional, and politically correct, let's just not. Haha I just stared at my blog while I typed this and I am saying... Continue Reading →

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